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Trips and Experiences

Throughout the school year, Parkhill Infants' School enriches the curriculum with a wealth of workshops, visitors, trips and experiences.

These events build on classroom learning and instantly engage the children, firing their imaginations and inspiring them to develop their knowledge to greater depth. 

Hands-on experiences and encounters help embed their learning, making school something to look forward to every day, and an experience that they'll never forget. 


Trips in the last year have included London Zoo, the London Eye and Aquarium, farms and forests, castles and wildlife parks.  Visitors to the school have included huskies, birds of prey, theatre groups, dance and art workshops and a mobile planetarium!  


The children have met award-winning authors, drawn along with illustrators, played steel drums, danced with Chinese dragons and eaten many different varieties of food.  They have planned their own medieval banquet, met farm animals and unusual insects, explored a London bus, helped a knight on his quest while learning all about his life and chatted with an Arctic explorer via live videolink,